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Limited Edition Hot Cast Bronze Peace! VE Day UK Flag Michael Simpson 1113

Limited Edition Hot Cast Bronze Peace! VE Day UK Flag Michael Simpson 1113


Hot Cast Bronze Sculpture Artist Michael Simpson Limited edition of 75 Designed and Made in the UK New and boxed with certificate

Limited Edition Foundry Bronze Sculpture

'Peace!' is a limited edition hand painted bronze of just 75 pieces and marks the 75th Anniversary of VE Day.

Artist: Michael Simpson

Although Mick studied fine art at Staffordshire Polytechnic it was the traditions of his home town of Stoke-on-Trent which inspired his love for sculpture. The famous towns forming the region have created some of the worlds finest works and respect for the craft of the sculptor and designer is well deserved.

There are few modelers who can produce accurate and detailed studies covering such diverse subjects as dogs, cats, African wildlife and the female form. Mick is one of the few who can achieve this goal working from reference books, his own drawings, photographs and observation. Like so many artists and sculptors, his studio walls are covered in this reference.

Mick is unusual in another way in that he is one of the few sculptors preferring to model in clay. Mostly wax is used for its versatility but Mick loves the freedom clay offers and is quite content to work around its limitations.

This fantastic hot cast / solid bronze sculpture is an limited edition bronze made from a clay original by Michael Simpson. Fantastic detail, comes boxed with certificate.

Limited edition of 75

Designed and made in the UK

Length: 12.5 cm

Height: 18.3 cm

Depth: 6 cm

Weight: 750g

Launch: 2020

Artist:Michael Simpson Color:Bronze Date of Creation:1990-Now MPN:1113 Model Number:1113 Subject:Animals Brand:Art in Bronze Type:Sculpture Medium:Bronze Self-Representing Artist?:No Manufacture:Art in Bronze Largest Dimension:Less than 12

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